Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Delhi Races - Nov 10-2011

this jockey (discard from pune) scrwed my chance purpousely in race no.34 and in race no.61 again made me look like a cow and he was fined. today he has to win like the way chinnab won yeasterday in mysore for similar reasons...

again the same 'pune discard' in race no. 11 spoiled the back to back chance, in race no. 18 he was fined for dancing on me after i got a good jump and race no. 33 he tried to fool, got me 2nd and i was 30 to 1. last run, he made me miss the jump and lost few lenghts...... donno what he is going to do today. BLACK PARTRIDGE - by merrit i should win this race, but ashish may give up the race to his 'PD' friend.

race 3 - MIDDLE MAN
this same 'PD' is on job here also. MASTER BELIEF - my trainer may feed me to crocodiles.

race 4 - REAL SPEED
last win was 100% fixed , equalluxury was far better than me. today my trainer has to prove that win was genuine to the club and the rest. MASTER HARMONICA - by merrit i should win here.

take me as a day's best. no matter what the odds are.

race 6 - TARANGIRE
i am the second best bet of the day. last run i was not lucky, this time i will make it.

race 7 - NEKO
i am good to win this field, never know about my trainer's intentions are...