Saturday, 31 December 2011


when we approach towards new year, we always make some resolutions. almost every one makes new year resolutions.
need some new years Resolution Ideas? well here i have some really cool doable ones for you in the areas of gambling.

anyway, try and apply some some of these things given below.

don’t think of gambling as a way to make money:
The bottom line is that racing establishments are set up to take in more money than they pay out. this means over time, you will lose more money than you win. But, remember its’ not just racing, all forms of gambling have the same principle - the vast majority lose so that a very small minority can have big wins. virtually all people with gambling problems hold the false expectation that they are the ones who will be the big winners. that belief feeds the problem.

always gamble with money that you can afford to lose:
Gamble with money that you set aside for fun, like going to the movies or going out for drinks. Never use money that you need for important things  like rent, bills, tuition fee, etc,

set a money limit:
decide how much money you can afford to lose before you play. when you have lost that amount of money, quit. if you win – enjoy, but remember it won’t happen most of the time.

Set a time limit.
decide how much time you can afford to spend gambling. when you reach that time limit, stop gambling.

never chase losses.
if you lose money, never try to get it back by going over your limit. this usually leads to even bigger losses.

don’t gamble when you are upset:
it is hard to make good decisions about gambling when you are feeling down or you are financially down.

balance gambling with other activities:
it’s important to enjoy other activities so that gambling doesn’t become too big a part of your life.

some more..

- drink and smoke less
- try and Clear all debts within this year.
- spend more time with family
- save money :)
- be nice to your siblings
- don't expect anyone else to support you from now on..
- do one thing everyday that scares you.. no no .. not in the race track. ( If you Succeed in doing this, tell me how )

and stop the F'N racing ..... he he he heeeeeee ....

have a wonderful year guys:)

here is mine... to start with .. i have decided to keep myself away from racing and blogging for next 10 days.

Bangalore Races - 31st Dec

race 1 - SUMELA ( withdrawn for no reason )
i have a decent chance, rest is in the hands of the trainer and the jockey. VOLCANO - hopeless raider, will run a good race. ANONYMOUS - i am there for all those who reply to the bloggers without giving their names. ( i had no chance here anyway )

race 2 - ADONIS
i will win, jockey is gathering some kind of a rhythm. SHUDDERING - i can trouble the winner, can place.

race 3 - VIOLENT STORM ( smartly withdrawn at the right time )
i should get this race. STUD MUFFIN - i can upset this field, do not ignore me. ( when i saw lucky sam favoured, i knew that i have a chance too for a place )

race 4 - MARIE CURIE ( not in the race )
tracking well, will go all out for win. THE SPARTAN - i may not even finish within first 6 spots. (see, i told you, i finished 7th )

race 5 - HILL RISING ( no complaints against suraj, winner was too good )
i will win comfortably. ABSOLUT GREY - i am the only one around who can trouble the winner. ( jockey followed the trainer's instruction, i had no chance anyway )

race 6 - SILKEN TOUCH  ( wow! ..martin at his best, i won because of jockey's judgment )
i am not sure, dont touch me or skip this race. SECRET PUNCH - worried about my jockey's form, i am very confident here to win. ( i tried my best, martin was too good )

race 7 - LADY GAGA ( again no complaints against poor suraj, i was not good enough to beat this field )
if my trainer's intentions are right, i can win here comfortably. ITS MY PARTY - i have nothing to talk about myself and my raider who is no job. i will run a good race, thats all i can say. I SPECIALIST - i dont have much regards for this jockey, ignore me for a win.( happy with the place )

race 8 - KRIPA ( i wud have won anyway, smartly suraj withdrawn his horse)
take a chance on me for win. CLICK - wise old jack is on job, may finish on board.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Bangalore Races - 30th Dec. 2011

race 1 - SUPREME REGENT ( jockey misjudged my pace - should have won)
will win this first race. MOLLY MALONE / AETIUS - we can place. ( hopeless )

race 2 - SOUTHERN OPINION ( i won - again the jockey was not upto the mark )/ PENDOLINO ( was not in the race - i dont belong to this stable, fit to be with babu rao ) close one, one of us will win.

race 3 - INDIAN PRIDE ( openly i was hooked - this is not the odds my owner wants)
i will win here. SOUTHERN PEARL - last time i  was under pressure, here i will run a good race. ( i was not good - should have finished last )

race 4 - ABRACADABRA ( close second - anyway, it was a joke, suraj had all the reason to hook his horse :) i have no reason to loose. WILL STILL - i will scare the winner just for kicks, will finish close.

race 5 - ANOTHER VOICE ( useless place - i thought john was going to eat the place  ) i can win. BACK AMONG FRIENDS - will stay behind the winner. ( i was too good for that field )

race 6 - PREORDAINED - i will win. ( dont know what to say )

race 7 - TOO COLD TO HOLD ( ex: SUN DORO ) ( i am so lucky that i crossed the line before the next race. ) you can play me rs 10 win, SHP and place or take tanala 1-2-3 box and watch the race.

race 8 - BEAU SANCY
i will win here with the help of few blue birds. FLYING SNOW - i am there to spoil the party. SARATOGA SPRING - scary odds, just ignore me and the race. ( suraj had to win here - for the damage that he had done earlier )

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

MUMBAI RACES - 29th Dec. 2011

race 1 - FREE VERSE
am a good kid around, all in the hands of MKJ and how well he read my future. if i win here, there will be no turning back... QUICK RETURNS - i will be tried for sure, may finish close to the winner. ASHWA APOLLO - i will run just to get the place spot.

i am the one who is capable of shocking these little kids. do not ignore me in any case. AL ATTATURK - may win - can place. BIZARRO - oops! .. today david will be taking me out for a joyride.

i am not very confident to go by my track work, but... if my trainers and david plans well. i can beat this filed by 3 to four lengths. OCEANIC WISDOM - i am serious about this race, one can take SHP chance.

remember, this guy is more reliable in 1600 and above. all he had to do is keeping me behind and go for kill in the last 300 mtrs. BRETTON WOODS - i am one of the over rated kid from this stable, indications are not very positive today.. EXPELLIARMUS - decent raider on job, can place for sure.

race 5 - BESPOKE
not sure, i may win if no one is interested. SILVER SCREEN - i will go for a win for sure. each way bet is advisable.

race 6 - HOT PEPPER
i am very positive here, can beat this field. AMAZING DESIRE - i am not realy fit enough to win, not very sure. HACHIKO - will try my best, can place.

race 7 - FLYING STAR
to be honest, i should win this race. not sure about SKS plans at the race time. SMALL TREASURE - i have no other choice.... will run for my life to prove that last win was not a fluke, one can take each way chance. LIGHT MY WAY - ignore me not, at least keep me in your JP list.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Hyderabad Races - Dec. 26th 2011

race 1 - TRIGGER HAPPY ( i am happy with my performance, watch me in my next run) i am tracking very well, i may go all out here to win. KOHINOOR FOREVER - ( hard luck) i am good, can't say till i get the signal from my trianer at the last minute. SHADES OF VICTORY - i dont have a clear chance here. any way,jockey is on job, may get in place spot. ( my odds and the jockey's effort made the difference)

race 2 - ASTA LA VISTA BABE (hopeless.. ignore me for next 3 runs)
here i will go for a win for sure. decent jockey on job, can beat this field. WIN AND ENJOY - tracking well, i may not win today, can get in to place spot. (cant take all the credit to myself, jockey's effort was commendable)

race 3 - BENITA ( it was fun, am sorry for the guys who backed the favorite )
cant see any one beating me here, i should win comfortably.

race 4 - CHINA PEARL (cant say anything )
remember guys, anything under this sun is possible in the race tack... thats all i can say. SUN STRIKES - give me one more chance.( decent effort, not very happy with the jockey's performance )

race 5 - ALL THE FUN ( my bloggers best comment... i lost, but we three were in also 5 of us finished within 3 lengths ) toughest race of the day, at least 5 horses should finish within 3 lengths... i have a decent chance i guess. STACCATO - i will also try my luck, may place. THIRTEEN BLACK - place chance is bright due to jockey's merit. ( appreciate the raiding.. this guy is goin to rock india in future like praksh some day )

race 6 - RUSSIAN RHYTHAM (i liked the way i won) only worry is the choice of the jockey, otherwise i am very confident here. ART DEALER - do not ignore me, i am very much on job. ( am happy with this effort, should have won )

race 7 - DA XIA
simple, i can win this time. ONERA ONERA ONERA - am in very good touch, tough race to win. my trainer may take this race easy...

race 8 - SHEER GENIUS (sorry guys) i can prove once again. ASHWA SHAKTI - tracking better than the other kids around, no point in chasing 'SG', may not win today. MONTPELIER - i will run better this time, can get in to place spot. ( i am lucky with this place, this guy is out of form)

race 9 - ANACOSTIA ( i had to win here )
i am the only one can trouble miss. rajkumari here, if imran rides like the way he ridden last time, he will be in trouble. RAJKUMARI - i am good, may win. NAUGHTY GAL - i can place, will run a good race. ( happy with the place)  

Saturday, 24 December 2011

MUMBAI RACES - 25 th dec 2011

race 1 - STAR BLESSINGS - will win

race 2 - TITIAN - can win

race 3 - BULLET - can win

race 4 - NATIVE KNIGHT - will win

race 5 - RANTHAMBHORE - each way

race 6 - ISHPINGO - win win win

race 7 - ANGELS QUEST - can win

race 8 - AUGUSTUS - will win

Friday, 23 December 2011

Bangalore / Kolkata Races - 24th Dec. 2011

race 1 - SALCOMBE
am sure, neil must be in love with this cute little town 'salcombe'.. anyway, i am here for business, do not ignore me. MAVERICAL - i am good in paper like any other favorites, this BS is out of winning touch, cant trust him for this distance, may place. 

race 2 - MATHS BABY
arguably i am the better one out here, hope my dear friend samuel will do a good job here too. BALBOA - keep an eye on me, may go all out.

race 3 - SAPHIRA
i am good in this field, one thing is certain, either i win or they will keep me right behind 'empathic victory'. SCENIC BLAST - i am very good in latest tracks, will try my luck.

race 4 - WALTER
do not laugh at me, john wayne is on board. mind you, i have the potential to shock this field. FOR AN ANGEL - do not get fooled by choice of the jockey, arjun has the habit of keeping such raiders even if he is not in business..

race 5 - BIUTIFUL
last race i was fit but not tried against 'sovetskaya'. remember, always i keep myself in front at the bend, today i might stretch it out. ACE BLOOD - my jockey is a sucker for place. one can take a chance.

race 6 - JALDI
samuel triple ?? wow!!! why not..... SUPER SURPRISE- if i get the hint that jaldi is in hurry, i will keep myself away from the place spot also.

among the fancied runners, my trainer is the most reliable one.. hope he will do the justice to my ability. CROWN EMPRESS - i have nothing to loose, will run a bold race, can finish close to the winner.

race 8 - DECORATED
i will walk thru in between anthoney and paswan while they busy fighting each other..

if suraj lives up to his slandered that he had set, i can win again here comfortably. SILVER COURT - i am capable of doing some serious damage out here.



i am far better than others, this will be my race. MAMA MOREMBO - i may will fool around this time too..

race 2 - STARFALL
remember, i ran behind 'alma mater' once. all i need is a good jump from the gate..

i was easy at morning tracks, will stretch directly on the grass.. little each way bet is advisable.

race 4 - SUNRAIDER
i have a decent chance to beat this over rated 'airleas'.

race 5 - SECRET FIRE
tough one, may win or i will place any way...

i may loose today just for kicks... SECRECY - i have a chance here.

race 7 - SAMIEL
i am good, can win.

race 8 - STAR OF ROSES
take a chance of me for a win, i might be the surprise gift from santa.

with bag full cash and blessings!!..... merry christmas guys!!


Delhi Races - 23rd Dec. 2011

lot of complaints on me in the room, i will not fool around this time.

race 2 - THE MAFIA
rajinder rajender combination, tracking well, i will win.

race 3 - AIR FORSE ONE
do not worry much about this jockey, and do not get confused the track with 'mafia' but later had a good work with 'odds and evens'... can win

by the way, my trainer's stomach is full by eating and eating his own horses ans some of his friend's horses too.. here the indications are very positive, may try me for a win.

here our bookmaker friends may fool all by allowing me to win. i just cant afford to loose here.

i am the better one in this field, one may take lill bit of risk on me for win.

my trainer deepak's attitude towards winning is not very positive these days... anyway, take a chance on me.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

MUMBAI RACES - 22nd Dec. 2012

do not bet against me, i will win anyway. LADY BLACK STAR - why bet on paisa horse... bet little SHP on me and relax.

i am very confident about this race, can pull this one ... FROST FAIRY - remember, i am beatable. will try my best anyway.

i have to win here... but i am not very happy with the morning odds.

race 1 - FREE FOR ALL
i am so use to junk jockeys in the past, today i have an ace raider on job who is very good in judging this kind of distance, will give my best.... can win here. MONEY FOR NOTHIN - if you have the attitude of 'money is for nothing', take a chance on me for win. CLINTON - i am good, but beatable.

race 1 - LORD OF KILLARNEY - morning odds may mislead some, i will go for a win anyway... FORTUNER - i may get backed at the time of racing, tracking well, lord of kill is the only worry.

arguably, i am the days best. i will win here comfortably.

race 1 - BLUE SKY
very tricky race, i am little better than other fancied guys around. will put my nose in front.

race 1 - SOLAR ANGEL
in my last run, kavraj was not on job to win, made it look tough.. today raju is on job, will win here. RED TABASCO - may not win today, but will make it tough for solar angel and company.

Monday, 12 December 2011

punter's jingle - 'Call to Post' the First call

'chet atkins' the great legendary folk guitar player who died around 10 years ago at the age of 77. am a great fan of chet and i had 3 of his cassettes, now i have most his albums in mp3s.
recently i heard this rare wonderful tune 'Kentucky Derby', probably recorded in late 50s.
i am sure, all of you guys might recogonize the piece at the begining of this tune....

"First call" a bugle call is a short tune, originating as a military signal announcing scheduled and certain non-scheduled events on a military installation, battlefield, or ship.

at a horse race, where the tune is also known as the 'Call to the Post', it is a signal that all mounts should be at the starting gate because the race is about to begin. The tune is usually sounded by a bugler five to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of the race.


our RWITC has the best tune in the world racing history. 
at pune - purrrrrrrrrrr......... and at bombay - peeeeeeeeeeee......


Hyderabad Races - Dec 12-2011

Don’t gamble the rent money or you’ll land up sleeping on the park bench. - unknown

race 1 APPRISE
odds may confuse you at the time of the race. if you like me then stick to me for a win.

i am good here. i can win today.

race 3 - GREEN THUMB
good race to take a break for lunch.. before you go, play little win on me if you like...

race 4 - SHATAKSHI
i can win.

i will try my best. can win

race 6 - HEART N SOUL
i can challenge madi..

race 7 - AL JADEED
i will run for a win. DANCING TOUCH - KSVP may not try for a win, if he changes his mind last minute, that will be only me for the day.

race 8 - ACHE FOR LOVE
some other fancied horses may not be tried, i have a outside chance.

i guess, i can win here comfortably.

Friday, 9 December 2011

few don'ts

few don'ts

- avoid the habit of taking chances.

- if you don't like the race, just skip it for heaven's sake...

- avoid the race where the odds are confusing according to you.

- when the track is slow or heavy, avoid the day of racing.

- stop the habit of asking others 'kya pasand hai aapko'

- don’t try to impress people by betting more than you can afford.

- don't increase your bets to try to recover losses.

- don't take your ATM card.

- don't lose your winnings, leave when you feel you are up.

- do not bet favorites always .. remember, the tortoise wins the race.

- don't play without a system, any system!

- 'never say never' at the race track.

- never borrow to gamble from money lenders, avoid this practice at all costs.

- avoid the habit of playing on credit with the bookies.

- avoid punting all 365 days a year. give yourself a break minimum 3 to 6 months.

- avoid loitering around in the betting ring all the time.

- don't listen too much to what the 'gurus' or 'expert bloggers' say ..

- do not play multiple centers on the same day. pick one center and concentrate.

one more observation... avoid betting on the horse which is liked and favoured by majority of the bloggers.

one can try and apply some of these principles.

readers are most welcome to add more to this.... will include it.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mysore Races - Dec 7-11

The only difference between a winner and a loser is character. - unkown

tracking well, nothing to loose, will try our luck for sure. RAGING RIVER - i can win only in this sort of race, will try my luck too.. 

i was unlucky, CVGK and madu f'd my chance , hope my friend pappu will do a good job today.  SKY EMPRESS - i will not and can not win today.

race 3 - GREENBRO
take a chance on me, i can upset this field. RISING RAINBOW - if this jockey and trainer wants to win, i can clear this field by at least by 3 lengths..

race 4 - ONE IN ALL
i am not here to fill the card, worked well in tracks, my triner is very adamant about this distance, chances are very bright for a win. DEMANDING FORMAT - if janandhan fails to keep his horse in front, i will shoot.

race 5 - YANAMARIA
i guess, mr. appu is the right man for me to handle, i hope he will try me start to finish.

i dont see any one catching me, can win with this mediocre raider. PRINCE NORBERT - bit unlucky last time, today i will run a good race for sure, each way bet is advisable.

do not look at the track page in your book, i will be tried for sure, can win this race. CUTE STYLE - i may get the place spot.

race 8 - ALWAYS ON TOP
i am very much embarrassed by my name, have a decent jockey on job, hope i will be on top today. PLAKA - i am not here for a win, may finish third.

Delhi Races - Dec 6-2011

The better the gambler, the worse the man. - Publius Syrus

hope i get a chance to win today.

i can win.

if i am backed, i can negotiate these set of runners.

race 4 - SPOT HIT
i can trouble this field. one can take each way chance. ASHWA PRABHA - i can upset here.

race 5 - RED REEF
my place chance is very bright, will try to upset.

take a small each-way bet on me. if i am tried, can win.

race 7 - TAKE A CHANCE
can place, will run a good race. GOLD SPARK - if i get backed very strong in betting, then i will win... not above above 6 to 4..

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hyderabad Races - Dec 5-2011

A race track is a place where windows clean people. - Danny Thomas

today i will win.

race 2 - TANGERINE
i am ready to strike, not very happy with this jockey, each way bet is advisable,

do not worry about the track movements, i will win here.

may rule this center in future, hope my triner will handle me well.. KOHINOOR REVANTA - i have the potential to reach class one very soon, may not win today.

i can beat this field. one can take a chance on me.

race 6 - FOPPING
if i am backed, play just for win, can upset.

race 7 - ANN ARBOR
tracking well, can win comfortably. ICE RAIN - may upset here, will place for sure.

i can win, all in the hands of the trainer.

race 9 - ART DEALER
one can take a small each way chance on me.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bangalore & Calcutta Races - Dec 3-2011

"Never bet on a sure thing unless you can afford to lose."
- Anonymous


i am very serious about this very first run, can place and may shock the big names. I SAY - bit nervous, if all go well, i will win comfortably.

race 2 - SUN RICH
i am good here to win, hope this guy pradeep will do some justice. SAPHIRA - i am here to confuse the odds and the punters...may get withdrawn like Champagne On Ice & Mitraya did yesterday.

i will run a good race, will place and may win this time. GOLDEN DIXIE - i may get the place spot.

marshal may take over this day's parade...

i hope martin will not disappoint today.

race 6 - SPRINT STAR
i am still no. 1. will prove it again.

very tricky race, watch my odds at the ring... you may take each way chance on me.

race 8 - INDIAN BOLT
jockey is bit of worry, working well on tracks, if am tried, can win here. FLORIDA - watch this run, can upset this field.


race 1 - GORGEOUS
if one wants to play this race, take a chance on me for win. i will run a good race.

race 2 - MRS JONES
indications are positive, like the  jockey, in this distance i may win.

race 3 - GENEVIEVE
today i will win.

race 4 - RIVER PRIDE
i will give my best for sure. DANUBE VALLEY - if i want, can win comfortably.

race 5 - AAMAR KAKU
i am very positive about this race, can win here.

race 6 -  SONGWRITER
tracks are nothing to mention, i will be stretched on the field... one never know. SILVERINA - i am tracking better than others around, can win.

race 7 - MUMTAZ
take a small chance on me guys.. i am good today.

i will try my luck here.. FAIRY GIRL - few indications are not very positive, may not win here.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bangalore Races - Dec 2-2011

weird name, may yaks to many.... anyway, who is this guy ramu ?.... track is very confusing.... but i am the deadliest of all. STAR CREST - may not even place.

this guy shoban is picking up his form like the way i do, will go for a win. DIAMOND FLAME - they were fined for no reason, i can not get anywhere near first three....

race 3 - RIGHT ON TIME
if appu gives his best, i will not dissopoint him and the punters for sure. RAAGA - if paapu goes for a win, PS will give up the race.

i have an edge over this field, what ever the odds, just bet on me.

race 5 - MITRAYA
before the race, look at the sun, say 'Mitraya Namah'and play me for a win... no jokes, i can do some damage to this field.

race 6 - CHEMIN DE FER
you bet, i win.

race 7 - SKY DIVER
no chance of loosing this race, will win for sure. RICH RADIANT - i may finish 5 th or sixth..

race 8 - BIUTIFUL
i can topple this table, one can take a each-way chance on me. CHUL BUL PANDY - i doubt my place spot too.