Monday, 11 February 2019

HYDERABAD Races - 11th February 2019

race 1 - SOUTHERN LADY i might stretch my legs, take a chance on me both win and place CELERITAS do not ignore me

race 2 - DANCE ALL NIGHT i have a decent chance to win HEAVEN CAN WAIT i can place

race 3 - MOKA / NEW HOPE keep an eye on us

race 4 - SHIMMERS i can win again CYMBAL i can surprise

race 5 - MOZAMBIQUE i can win LA MER i can make the finish interesting

race 6 - PROSPERO if i take a good jumb how i use to ... thats it EXCLUSIVE WIND keep an eye MR BAAHUBALI eachway chance

race 7 - AGNI i am prepared well, can win FLAMBOYANT LADY i can upset

race 8 - DELPHINA i will win JAZZ IT UP place chance


Friday, 8 February 2019

Bangalore Races - 8th February 2019

race 1 - ROMA VICTOR i will win ELECTRA i will finish close to the winner

race 2 - BOLD MOVE i am confident of winning this race

race 3 - FULL BLOOM i am a serious contender here, can win this race. BENEDICTION do not ignore me again in place

race 4 - SEA KING i can win NANHIPARI i can surprise

race 5 - PRINCEAZEEM i should win this race

race 6 - TORONTO i can win. SOUTH BELL do not ignore me, i can surprise


Friday, 1 February 2019

Bangalore Races - 1st February 2019

race 1 - SIR SUPREMO i should win

race 2 - MAYBE FOREVER prepared well, i dont know whats there in the trainer's head.

race 3 - CLASSICAL DANCER do not ignore me, i can surprise. AUSTRALIS i will be tried.

race 4 - AZZURRO win

race 5 - LADY LEGEND win RAFA place

race 6 - LE MARC keep an eye on me, i am fit enough to win this field.


Thursday, 31 January 2019

Mysore races 31st January 2019

race 1 - CRACKSMAN win

race 2 - YOUNG GALLANT w/p

race 3 - FLASH TIME win

race 4 - THE IMPOSTER win


race 6 - STAR OF THEA w/p

race 7 - DIXIELAND win

race 7 - BREAKING NEWS w/p


Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Mysore Races - 30th January 2019

race 1 - HER ROYAL HIGHNESS i have a decent chance to win SCARLET BURNING - i can make the finish more interesting

race 2 - AMAZING BEAUTY i am good, take a chance

race 3 - SIBERIAN TIGER do not ignore me, i am good in this field. GINTOKI i am a serious contender here

race 4 - RUSTIC SUNRISE tracking extremly well, i have a raider who is unpredictable, good chance to win. NAVAL GLORY i can finish close to the winner.

race 5 - LONDON

race 6 - POINT i can win MADURO i am the the one to beat.

race 7 - REANNA based on my last run, i should get this race ORDER ORDER i am on job, will try my best to win


Friday, 25 January 2019

Bangalore Races 25th January 2019


Race 2 - I DO WHAT I DO



Race 5 - ANJEZE 


Race 7 - AGNAR



Thursday, 24 January 2019

Madras / Mumbai Races 24th January 2019

Madras races

1 race - STAR CONVOY  i can win. PRETTY GAL watch me in the ring and decide

2 race - ENJOYTHEGOODTIMES trevor fans can take a chance on me. will not make DESERT HAWK life easy. SONG OF GLORY i will be close to the winner.

3 race - BADEN BADEN keep an eye on me, i can surprise. GEORGIA i will be tried for sure.

4 race - FUN LOVER i should canter the race, only worry is MY PASSION who is good too

5 race - WELCOME BABY i am here for reason. STAR BARON i am good enough to win this race, do not ignore me

6 race - REGINA

7 race - SUPER SUPREME i am well prepared for this race.

8 race - COLONEL KING i should win this race. PRINCESS SANCIA tracked well, might streach my leg today.

Mumbai Races - 24th Jan 2019

1 race - SULLIVAN  win.

2 race - QUEEN CREDIBLE i can upset

3 race - TEXAS GOLD i ahve a decent chance to win. ARABIA will fight it out today

4 race - DEMOCRAT i will win

5 race - SYLVESTER time to wim

6 race - BOUNTY QUEEN i am the best in this field


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

KOLKATA RACES - 23 January 2019

race 1 - PORAS i can surprise everyone. COOL CONQUEROR i will run a good race

race 2 - ART DECO looks like this will be my race. DANCING PRINCE i can place in longer odds

race 3 - ARTIFICIAL keep an eye on me, not the raider CAIDEN have to try it out, my trainer and jockey were questioned. ABBERELLA do not ignore me

race 4 - PELION i can win

race 5 - MOCHA LOCA waiting for long to see the winning post. HE CALLS THE SHOTS i am on job

race 6 - POET not easy, but i can win today.

race 7 - JAIVANT dont look at my stable friends here, i am goin to win

race 8 - WHOMAKESTHERULES i am well prepared, will give my best. take a chance on me.

race 9 - MOVES LIKE JAGGER i can surprise all GOD SAVE THE REST my name says it all :) have lucky day!