Tuesday, 10 January 2012

mysore races - jan. 11th 2012

race 1Maiden Horse Racing System for Picking Winners (Bill Peterson) - avoid races with a first time starter that is taking heavy betting action. If a firster is the favorite or second favorite in the betting, it's probably a good idea to skip the race.... avoid races with more than two horses who are on their second race.... avoid races with more than two first time starters or more than two horses who are have raced only once. also pass any race with a first time starter who is getting lots of betting action. You'll still find some maiden races to handicap and play and you'll be amazed at how formful the maidens are in those races.
TREASURE MOUNTAIN - nonsense, dont read such crap.... i am winning. ( no comments .. cheers! )

race 2 - SADDLER ( give me a another chance )
please ... i beg you, i beg you guys to bet on me for this very last time. this is goin to be my last try. ATOM BOMB - ajeet was fined for no reason, have to run again this time, will run right behind that poor fellow... hope he will make it this time. ( not able to locate that f'r... had to go for it ..)

to be honest, seriously i am not perfect today, but i am very serious about winning this race. KOOSHA - i am tracking well, rest all in the hands of my trainer how and when he wants to fool all... ( this time, my man played it right...  watch my next run too )

race 4 - MASTEROFTHESEAS ( ignore me for next 3 races )
i will win this race comfortably. BRIGHT STAR / HIGH TREASON - we both have a decent chance to place.

race 5 - IRON MARSHALL :) ....: ):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ....... bookies tried their best in the last 15 minutes ;)

race 6 - ABSOLUTE REALITY ( last minute vishal instructed vivek at the paddock to keep me right behind afsar - he was furious.. anyway, this one unanimously fixed ;) i am confident, can beat this field.

race 7 - SUPREME ARCH ( hopeless... )
i hope this little man will make it this time, take a chance on me guys.

race 8 - RICH ROGUE (ex RICH ROUGE) ( six to one ;)..YIPEEEEE........... sorry shaazz .) i am a rogue now, will behave like one this time, do not ignore me for win. THE DAWN - i am not here to clap for the winner, will place for sure. SHAHIZAAR - may get closer to the winner. ( its OK dude, i was backed like there will be no tomorrow... sorry guys! )


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