Friday, 20 January 2012

Bangalore Races - 20th Jan 2012

RACE 1 - SANFRANCISCO GIRL ( javanica surprised me, not very happy with the place :(
cant trust karan and his horse, i will go for a win, can win. SHINING FAME - i can place, you never know.. these days appu become a upset specialist. ( no hopes )

RR and AR are the deadliest combination in the whole world.. tracking well, will win this race. LADY GAGA - here you can eat me and trainer and the jockey and his boots too. (oops! suraj was adamant )  . NO DOUBT - i will loose this race without any doubt. ( i did it successfully )  VIOLENT STORM - i can place. ( am happy, shud have won :(

RACE 3 - GORGEOUS GOLD ( should've won here, not very happy with the raiding )
i am all set, i can win. SOUND OF POWER - i can upset this race, follow my odds and decide to play or not. ( useless jockey, shud have finished third )

RACE 4 - SUDDEN MAGIC ( not very happy with odds at the end )
i am well prepared for this race, will win this race in style. GUN SALUTE - i am not good enogh to win, but i will give a good fight till the end. ( shud hav been second, suraj given up at the end )

last time i was not there to win, today the story is different. will show these kids that who i am.
MIDNIGHT LEGACY: hey smarty, dont forget you were chasing me a mile behind, how dare you say that you are goin to win...
SMART STAR: just shut and watch me how i am winning.
MIDNIGHT LEGACY : whots up dude? better luck next time.. 
SMART STAR:  congrats ! .. watch my next run

RACE 6 - NORTH CAPE ( only an idiot wud have backed any other than S.King during the race time... )  tough race, i will be tried for win, hope this jockey will do a better job today. BLUE ORIGIN - i am sure, rajender will try his best to place... if i am lucky, can win here.

RACE 7 - CURRENT RAY ( not good enough)
i am prepred well at the tracks. trust me, suraj will be trying his best to get this win. SMOOTH GLIDER - difficult this time, will place anyway..( happy with place )

RACE 8 - YOURE CHILUBULI ( i was backed 50 to one, finished fifth....hope i get a better jockey next time ) i had a easy mock race (race.132) very recently, will stretch myself this time.. why worry, when bernard is on job ;)  LIVING LEGEND  ( christopher tried his luck, place is good enough )  / GOOD GIFT - we both will place.

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