Friday, 6 January 2012


first of all there are no 'ten commandments' given to bloggers and and blog readers

let me propose a radical notion: the weblog's greatest strength — its uncensored, unmediated, uncontrolled voice - is also its greatest weakness.

according to me, ban a person, or delete a comment from a blog is personal choice. It's your blog, it's your rules, but play fair. yes, one have the right to hit the delete button if things get out of hand. and there are trolls on the internet, avoid them. don’t fuel them by picking on them. It is better to ignore them.

Sometimes its just for the best to close your eyes for particular blog posts or comments. Getting involved in conversation, that clearly won’t go anywhere, won’t help one bit… if one find a post that is utter rubbish, provoking and so on, try to be polite and point out that they’re wrong, however if its clear the respective blogger is a total douchebag.

a word about anonymous commenting.
for one reason or another, people feel the need to make anonymous comments. this practice is not right, wrong, good or bad. in some cases this is the only option available especially when personal safety is a concern. however, it is just like talking to people with a paper bag over your head which can hurt your credibility. my request, even when leaving negative comments, it’s best to leave either your name or at least your nick name or initials.

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  1. So you want to say Won2ka4 was a Douchebag.
    Thanks Shyam and his cronies vindicated.