Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bangalore Races - 27th Jan 2012

race 1 - MAGIC WAVE ( the jinx continues - bloggers delight loose
i have chance here, rookie raider on job, this cud be his first win. UNIQUE SHOW - these days i am not very comfortable with the attitude of my trainer and the form of this raider, may place. SAMAJDAAR - ignore my last run, today i will go for win, if not i might place.

race 2 - HILL DIORO ( big deal... )
i will win . do not go against me... or skip this race. MAGNITUDE STAR - again i will try start to finish strategy, if suraj overtakes me then i will be kept 5th or 6th position. SUNSTORM - i ahve nothing to loose, will place anyway.

race 3 - BORSALINO ( follow me till i die )
hey kiddos, catch me if you can ;)

race 4 - FLYING SNOW ( good win , i loved it )
i am very confident to win this race, hope martin will complete the formalities. SUTTON PRINCE - i am good, working well, will give a good fight.

race 5 - THEJAGUAR ( i am happy with the place, keep an eye on me in my next run ) i may not be the one looked at by the racing pundits, i will run a good race, thats all i can say. IBELIEVEINMIRACLES - those who belive in mirracles can bet on me. (  :)

race 6 - MADDOX ( jinx again - this is racing my dear )
i am going to rippp offff this field ... 

race 7 - INDRAVATI ( sorry guys, i was not there )
kiran is on job, worked well, can win today. SMART EXOTIC - i will place. ( yipee... that was a blinder )

race 8 - SHOTGUNN ( i hope no one taken me seriously other than this blogger who played 50 W/P ) upset freaks can take a small each way bet on me. MIDTOWN MAGIC - i can also upset. will place.

one of us can upset here, AMAZER - the only worry is my raider, may place. ( i lost, but my owner and his friends made more than enough )

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