Friday, 24 February 2012

Bangalore & Kolkata Races - 25th feb 2012

race 1 - NICKEL CHROME looks like my place is certain, PSC performs better in such races... i may win also.. you never know.

race 2 - FOR AN ANGEL ignore my last three runs, will place anyway, may win.

race 3 - RADICAL ATTRACTION i will win this race.

race 4 - THUNDER tracking well, can get this first win.

race 5 - SOBERANO i should win here.

race 6 - ENTERTAINER i will entertain you guys for sure.

race 7 - TABLE MOUNTAIN do not look at the jockey's name.. if you find me good, back me for win and place.

race 8 - CELESTIAL SON i have no reason to loose this race, unless these guys have some other plans.

race 9 - TRILLION WIN give me another chance - here i am sick and tired of this fellow.... looks like he is fit to ride in panchgani or in matheran.


race 1 - AGNATION this win goin to be the last one in my career.

race 2 - ARTEMISIA i am good. hope arti will give the right instruction to shailesh.

race 3 - CROCODILE HUNTER i took some time to get use to this place.. learned bit of bong ;) - i can get the place this time, may win. 

race 4 - NINE TENORS tracking well, will get this first win.

race 5 - FIORUCCI all set to seal the first win in this soil.

race 6 - TENNESSEE WALTZ if you have any hang-ups with pakya and pesi, take a chance on me for win and place..

race 7 - ROYAL BLUE STAR ;)

race 8 - HEADLINER i can win, dont know whot is there in her muck head.


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