Thursday, 24 January 2019

Madras / Mumbai Races 24th January 2019

Madras races

1 race - STAR CONVOY  i can win. PRETTY GAL watch me in the ring and decide

2 race - ENJOYTHEGOODTIMES trevor fans can take a chance on me. will not make DESERT HAWK life easy. SONG OF GLORY i will be close to the winner.

3 race - BADEN BADEN keep an eye on me, i can surprise. GEORGIA i will be tried for sure.

4 race - FUN LOVER i should canter the race, only worry is MY PASSION who is good too

5 race - WELCOME BABY i am here for reason. STAR BARON i am good enough to win this race, do not ignore me

6 race - REGINA

7 race - SUPER SUPREME i am well prepared for this race.

8 race - COLONEL KING i should win this race. PRINCESS SANCIA tracked well, might streach my leg today.

Mumbai Races - 24th Jan 2019

1 race - SULLIVAN  win.

2 race - QUEEN CREDIBLE i can upset

3 race - TEXAS GOLD i ahve a decent chance to win. ARABIA will fight it out today

4 race - DEMOCRAT i will win

5 race - SYLVESTER time to wim

6 race - BOUNTY QUEEN i am the best in this field


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