Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mumbai Races 22nd March 2012

pls do not back me if i become a favorite. 3 or 4 to one is okay with me. GLOWING MIST - this is between MFN and me.. i have to prove a point again.

again nobody else, this is between me and visionaire...  VISIONAIRE - if you are a the one who missed my last race bet, this is your chance again. ROGER BCOOL - hey guys, if you are not interested in this race or confused about the whole shit, take a very very chotta place chance on me.

this race looks like the one which is well framed for altaf bhai & co. MEDIATOR - pls have a glance at my tracks and decide yourself ... at the same time do not look who is raiding. TOMORROWS DREAMS - am good, have a outside chance. if i come anywhere close to your study, take each way chance on me.

race 4 - MARINE ZONE
i doubt, i will ever get such good chance in future, hope dasharat wont fukit-up .... SHABDEEZ - worked very had in the mornings. all i want, asad to be honest and positive at the paddock today, rest amin and myself will take care of it.

race 5 - ICON
i have a slim chance here, hope my trainer gives the right instructions toCSJ. ENLIGHTENMENT - iam the sweet heart of malesh bhai ;) will try my best to make him happy.

whether you like me or not, bookies are goin to love me. AUGUSTUS - i have very good chance here, take each way chance. BONGANI - may place in longer odds.

race 7 - SALT
i have an endge over the rest of this field, will win. VISIONIST / STAR EMPIRE - we are there in top three.

race 8 - JACQUES
very zimble, i am winning this race. VOYAGER - oye!... this goin to be my race mr.zimple.

race 9 - AL ATTATURK / INCENTIO we are on job.
AA - am good, kamalesh is one big sucker for win, will run a good race. INC- do not look at my last 3 runs and the odds.... today i am different, very much capable of winning this race.

race 10 - OCEAN OF FAITH
tracking extremely good, have a decent jockey, will win. DOUBLE DIAMOND - last race, you never know... may upset.


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  1. Please post your today selection ...thanks