Saturday, 3 March 2012

bangalore races - 4th march 2012

race 1 - VIOLENT STORM i will win.

race 2 - SIMPLY SUPER i am fit, good raider, can win today.

race 3 - YAMAS ignore my trainer ;) i will win today.

race 4 - SUNDAY STORM i beaten the horse which won yesterday was 100% framed... anyway, i have to win today.

race 5 - KRIPA do not ignore me, will beat the favorite.

race 6 - ARISTOS / ALMA MATER one of us shud win this race.

race 7 - GOLDEN RULE here am the one who has not seen SBayys & spotlight's ass yet... take a chance on me only in place if you like.... look, i have little bit of doubt in spotlight's fitness. she might get withdrawn ... watch her closely at the paddock.

race 8 - LOVELY KISS i have chance here.. will win.

race 9 - YOUREWINDSOFCHANGE i may win this last race.

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