Monday, 11 February 2019

HYDERABAD Races - 11th February 2019

race 1 - SOUTHERN LADY i might stretch my legs, take a chance on me both win and place CELERITAS do not ignore me

race 2 - DANCE ALL NIGHT i have a decent chance to win HEAVEN CAN WAIT i can place

race 3 - MOKA / NEW HOPE keep an eye on us

race 4 - SHIMMERS i can win again CYMBAL i can surprise

race 5 - MOZAMBIQUE i can win LA MER i can make the finish interesting

race 6 - PROSPERO if i take a good jumb how i use to ... thats it EXCLUSIVE WIND keep an eye MR BAAHUBALI eachway chance

race 7 - AGNI i am prepared well, can win FLAMBOYANT LADY i can upset

race 8 - DELPHINA i will win JAZZ IT UP place chance




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